Rocky Patel LB1 Is All About Balance

Get the Distinctive New LB1 at James & Sons

Rocky Patel remains one the finest and most popular cigar brands on the market by continually offering high-quality cigars at affordable prices. The latest Rocky release, the LB1, does this well.

The LB1 is all about balance, using a blend of complimentary tobaccos from five different primings of the tobacco plant grown in three different countries. The wrapper is a gorgeous capa priming (picked from the top of the plant) grown from a Habano seed at the farm of Finca la Vega in Ecuador. The binder is ligero – primings from the upper middle part of the plant – grown at the farm of Finca la Musica in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras. The fillers are a beautiful blend of viso and seco – primings from the bottom third of the tobacco plant – grown at Rocky Patel’s Nicaraguan farms in Esteli and Condega. Just imagine the number of hard-working farm hands required to cultivate all these tobaccos.

The packaging also stands out. The box lid features a tobacco plant with leaves labelling the primings, farms, and countries each are grown in. It goes a step further with each box uniquely identifying the name of the master who rolled the cigars at Rocky Patel’s El Paraiso factory in Danli, Honduras. Giving credit to the unsung craftsmen involved in producing these beauties is pure class and should be replicated throughout the industry. The toro smoked for this review was rolled by Adalid Garcia.

While Rocky simply adopted LB1 from the pre-production factory code of the cigar, instead of giving it a fancy title for marketing, it’s interesting to note that “LB” is an abbreviation of the Latin word “libra”, which means balance or scales (like the astrological sign), in addition to a second meaning for the Roman unit of pound by weight. While maybe not intentional, it could be said that LB is a perfect name for the cigar because it reflects the fine balance of the five distinct tobaccos blended into one lovely smoke.

The LB1 toro burns evenly without requiring a relight and produces a flaky dark gray as. The cigar is medium-bodied and offers pleasant well-balanced notes of citrus, grass, toast, leather, and rich coffee.

James & Sons Tobacconists, a proud authorized retailer of Rocky Patel Cigars, currently has a stock of three LB1 sizes: Robusto (5½”x 50), Corona (6”x 44), and Toro (6½”x 52). The Rocky Patel LB1 is the newest addition to our store’s finely-curated selection of premium cigars. Come in and find out why we love them.

(Photo by James & Sons Tobacconists.)