Tasting Notes: Nat Sherman Metropolitan Habano

A distinct, complex, medium-bodied smoke from a classic brand that is of the quality of cigars twice as expensive.

NAT SHERMAN METROPOLITAN HABANO series is made of all Nicaraguan tobacco, with the wrapper originating from seeds from Havana, Cuba. Pristinely constructed in Nicaragua, the cigars have nicely-rolled flat veins, nearly-invisible seams, and a perfect cap. They are medium-bodied smokes with meatiness from the Habano wrapper.  The flavors are complex and well balanced, with each size offering a little something different:

ROBUSTO:  nuts, wood and citrus, with a lovely creaminess that develops. (90 points, Halfwheel.com)

GORDO:  nuts, caramel and coffee. The finish is toasty and leathery. (91 points, Cigar Aficionado)

TORO:  nuts and wood with a bit of hay and leather that are supplemented with rich notes of dark fruit and cream. (87 points, Cigar Aficionado)

Overall, these are some of the finest smokes in the classic Nat Sherman Metropolitan series. It's hard to find a better cigar for about an Alexander Hamilton ($10) and they’re of a quality that easily competes with cigars twice as expensive.

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