Friday Event for The Legendary Cigars of Nat Sherman

James & Sons Tobacconists cordially invites you to

The Legendary Cigars of Nat Sherman Event

Friday, September 1st, 6:00 pm - Close

Nat Sherman, the iconic New York brand since 1930, produces an extensive lineup of outstanding luxury cigars that are sure to please every cigar palate. Come by and learn about the different blends Nat Sherman has to offer.  

Customers who purchase five Nat Sherman cigars will receive a free Jet Line torch lighter (a $20 value). 

Event Specials

- Free Jet Line torch lighter ($20 value) with 5-packs
- Save 15% on boxes of cigars
- $25 store gift certificate on boxes of cigars at regular price
Cigar Dog® Apparel
- Save $10 when buying two Cigar Dog® t-shirts
- Free torch lighter on two Cigar Dog® t-shirts at regular price ($25 each)
Exclusively for Black Diamond Cigar Club Members
- Save 30% on boxes of event cigars
- Double reward points on boxes of event cigars at regular price