The Alec Bradley Fine & Rare 2018 Edition is Here!

The widely-anticipated arrival of the annual release of Alec Bradley’s Fine & Rare series is finally here and James & Sons is one of the appointed tobacconists lucky enough to receive a few of the limited 2,500 produced for global distribution this year.

The 2018 Fine & Rare is the JRS10=(86), a grand toro measuring 6½”with a ring gauge of 56 produced at the Raíces Cubanas factory in Danlí, Honduras. Only two of the factory’s elite rollers are entrusted with producing these masterpieces. Due to the complexity of using so many tobaccos, a roller can only produce up to 75 per day.

The cigar is an impressive blend of ten different tobaccos: a Honduran wrapper grown in Trojes, a double binder and seven fillers of proprietary tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras.

While the smoke is medium bodied, the variety in the number of tobaccos creates remarkable complexity and full flavor. The palate includes notes of citrus, wood, dark fruit, and rich, toasty creaminess. Some earthy and peppery notes develop in the second half.

The amount of labor that goes into producing this exquisite ten-tobacco cigar is stunning. This limited cigar is a special treat that should be savored.