Alec Bradley Cigar Event Friday, September 21

James & Sons Tobacconists will be hosting an special event featuring Alec Bradley cigars on Friday, September 21 from 5 pm to close. The event will feature special deals on all Alec Bradley cigars. Mr. John Troiano from Alec Bradley Cigars will be at the store to introduce customers their wide selection, including the following:

PRENSADO: The box-pressed Prensado series is blended with proprietary estate-grown Corojo tobacco from the Trojes region of Honduras. It is one of the few cigars in the world to earn the prestigious “Cigar of the Year” award from Cigar Aficionado magazine, which received a coveted score of 96 points, making it a classic.

PRENSADO LOST ART: One of our favorite releases of 2017, the cigar is made with a flawless, smooth, oily Honduran Corojo wrapper, double binders using Nicaragua and Honduras tobaccos, and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. See James & Sons Smokes Notes story about this cigar here.

BLACK MARKET: A medium-to-full bodied cigar with Nicaraguan leaf for its wrapper and a flavorful Sumatran binder wrapped around fillers from small yield farms in Honduras and Panama.

BLACK MARKET ESTELI: A fine representation of some of the best Esteli, Nicaraguan tobaccos available, this cigar features Esteli-grown leaf in its wrapper, binder (blended with Honduran) and filler. It’s medium-to-full body is quite pleasing.

TEMPUS NICARAGUAN: The Tempus uses a Jalapa-grown wrapper, a double binder of Nicaraguan tobaccos that enhances the depth of the cigar, and full-bodied Ligero and Viso tobaccos grown in the three Nicaraguan regions of Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa.

POST EMBARGO: Made using premium Honduran tobacco for its wrapper and tobaccos grown in Honduras and Nicaraguan in the binder and filler. The cigar pays homage to cigar smokers exploring the tobaccos of different countries and regions after the American embargo of Cuban cigars.

James & Sons Tobacconists is located at 360 Broadway (corner of Phila Street; across from the historic Adelphi Hotel) in Saratoga Springs.