YETI Giveaway from Camacho Cigars at James & Sons

James & Sons is offering another great YETI giveaway when you buy Camacho Cigars over the next two weeks. A drawing will be held at the Camacho Cigars event at our Broadway store on Friday August 9th to select winners.  

PRIZES include (full item descriptions below):

  • YETI Panga 75 bag ($350 value)

  • YETI Panga Backpack 28 ($300 value) 

  • YETI Fully Loaded Loadout 5 ($130 value)

ENTER the drawing by buying Camacho cigars ay our Broadway store:

  • Buy 4 Camacho cigars, get 1 entry into the drawing,

  • Buy 10 Camachos, get 3 entries, and,

  • Buy 20 Camachos, get 10 entries.


YETI PANGA 75 BAG is an ultra-durable, fully submersible dry duffel built to take a beating and keep your gear dry in water. It brings the concept of waterproof to a whole new level.

YETI PANGA BACKPACK 28 is a tried-and-true backpack design using innovative shoulder straps providing extra carrying comfort. The removable chest straps and waist belt provide added stability and security. It’s 100% waterproof to outperform any other backpack out there.

YETI FULLY LOADED LOADOUT 5 is a 5-gallon bucket transformed into the ultimate multi-tool with a full Lid, Caddy, and Gear Belt setup. It keeps everything organized and available with accessories that are as durable as the bucket they're designed for.